15+ Gift Ideas for Dizzy Patients

  • By Dizzy & Vertigo Institute
  • December 31, 2022

It can be hard to find the perfect gift for someone. It’s one of the more stressful parts of the holidays. We’d like to make it a little easier on you by curating some of our favorite products specifically for vestibular disorders patients. Whether you’re shopping for someone else, hinting to someone about a gift idea for you, or shopping for yourself, what follows are products we use and recommend in our vestibular clinic. They are supplementary things we use when treating dizzy patients to address the holistic improvement of health.

5 Sleep Aid Gifts

Poor sleep quality can be a trigger for vestibular disorders and other symptoms of balance disorders. Quality sleep will help move your recovery in the right direction. If we were to relate vertigo recovery to building a new house for you to live in, then sleep would be the foundation. It’s the concrete slab on which your new house is built.

Kӧlbs bed wedge pillow props your upper body in the air slightly during sleep, which many vertigo patients find to reduce their symptoms during sleep and upon waking up.

UNCN soothing heating pad lays across your neck and shoulders to aid in the relaxation and wind down process before bed.

RENPHO heated eye mask massager was designed with migraine patients in mind. The mask relaxes and reduces eye strain felt during migraines while also helping improve sleep.

Hooga sleep light bulbs are ideal for use in the bedroom, as they emit warm light, which promotes sleep.

Cloudfield blue light blockchain glasses are a cost-friendly option for blocking blue light emitted from screens in the evening and at night. Reducing blue light before bed has been shown to greatly improve sleep quality.

5 Stress Reduction Gifts

We all know that stress can have many negative impacts on your health, including physical, mental, and emotional. It weakens your immune system. It makes you irritable. But it’s also a major trigger for vestibular disorders. Not only can the “fight or flight” reaction of stress trigger dizzy symptoms, but prolonged stress also gets in the way of treating vestibular disorders. This is why in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy, we help patients create better habits for tackling and reducing stress.

Hooga mat is designed to help with the process of grounding. Studies have shown that grounding reduces inflammation, improves circulation, regulates the sleep cycle, boosts the immune response to sickness and illness, and reduces stress.

Posture support pillows are a great addition to your office setup, as better posture reduces back and neck pain and, thus, the frustration and stress that ensues. Here are three different styles of support cushions: full back support cushion, lower back support cushion, and seated back support cushion.

Essential oil diffusers can have aromatherapy and soothing effects. Here are two other styles of diffuser: bedside diffuser and desktop diffuser.

Levoit Air Purifier is good for removing allergens, dust, and mold from the air, which can be aggravating for Meniere’s disease and vestibular migraine patients. They also offer a smaller and more cost-friendly air purifier option.

Similarly, you might find relief from this allergen spray.

5 Diet & Health Gifts

What we put in our body has a profound effect on every bodily system including the vestibular (balance) system. Diet modifications are considered the first line of defense against alleviating symptoms from Meniere’s disease and vestibular migraine. Below are products we recommend to our dizzy patients whose symptoms may respond to a nutritional change.

Here are four of our favorite cookbooks that address many of the dietary changes shown to be helpful with balance disorders:

  1. The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners → link to book
  2. The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners (slightly different) → link to book
  3. The Autoimmune Keto Cookbook → link to book
  4. Danielle Walker’s Against All Celebrations: Year of Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Paleo Recipes → link to book

For the wine-lovers that find a glass of wine to trigger migraines or other symptoms, PureWine Wand removes as much as 95% of the histamines and sulfites in a glass of wine. Many vestibular migraine and Meniere’s patients find it helps them enjoy wine again without the migraines. 

Magnesium bath flakes or magnesium spray can help alleviate migrainous symptoms. Upwards of 50% of those with migraines are deficient in magnesium. And even those that are sufficient in magnesium may still find relief with extra magnesium through supplements.

Sursip’s water bottle features a time marker and hydration tracker. Proper hydration keeps all of our systems running in tip-top shape. There is a loose correlation between prolonged dehydration and balance disorders. Water won’t cure your dizziness. But it’s an important foundational piece of the puzzle.

We hope this gift guide was helpful. Of course, these products aren’t a substitute for proper vestibular care. While they may help alleviate some of your dizzy symptoms, we always recommend seeking medical clearance for your dizziness from your primary care physician and then a vestibular specialist such as our clinic, the Dizzy & Vertigo Institute of Los Angeles.

If you or someone you know suffers from chronic vertigo or dizziness, using these gifts adjunct with a comprehensive vestibular rehabilitation program is the gift that keeps giving.

Our team at the Dizzy & Vertigo Institute specializes in bringing dizzy patients back to a dizzy-free life. And we’re eager to help!

Schedule an appointment with us or give us a call at (310) 683-4679. And if you’d like to gift this appointment to someone, we can help make that happen as well.


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