Types of Dizziness Symptoms


Not all types of dizziness are created equal. You might be thinking, “Well, what in the world is that supposed to mean? I know what dizziness is and that’s that.” But there’s actually more to dizziness than you may think. Vertigo is different from disequilibrium which is different from imbalance, unsteadiness, spatial disorientation, so on…

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Vertigo Triggers and How To Deal With Them


Some dizzy patients know exactly what causes their dizziness. They develop avoidance behaviors and learn to steer clear of their vertigo triggers. For others, it’s completely spontaneous with no rhyme or reason. More often than not, though, there is a pattern to vertigo triggers. And knowing what triggers your dizziness is a crucial component in…

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Labyrinthitis Basics: What is Labyrinthitis


Rarely do we associate a virus with balance problems. We think of the flu, sinus infections, or a computer virus. But viruses CAN affect our balance. A virus that travels through our sinuses and into our inner ear may infect our vestibular system. And the result is a condition called Labyrinthitis. What is Labyrinthitis? In…

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Inner Ear Infection Causing Vertigo?


Spotting an ear infection isn’t difficult. The ear is a sensitive area, which means infections are painful and disruptive. But when the symptoms of your ear infection also include vertigo or some sort of imbalance, the infection likely progressed to your inner ear. Inner ear infections and vertigo are the results of two conditions: Labyrinthitis…

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How Do You Know if Dizziness is Serious?


It’s easy to brush off getting dizzy once or twice. But when dizziness starts coming and going repeatedly, you might start wondering: How do you know if dizziness is serious? Below we’ll describe the difference between Peripheral Vertigo vs. Central Vertigo. And what symptoms you should look for to know if your dizziness is serious.…

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First Aid for Dizziness


When a sudden attack of dizziness happens, it is frightening. Not only for the person experiencing dizziness, but for the people around them too. What can I do to help this person? Although there isn’t an exact First Aid for Dizziness process, there are steps one can take to alleviate symptoms and get the proper…

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Cervical Vertigo & Cervicogenic Dizziness


When you have frequent dizziness and start thinking about where the root cause might be, rarely does the neck come to mind. But for people who’ve experienced whiplash, concussions, or head trauma, the neck might be exactly the cause of their dizziness. Can a pinched nerve in the neck cause dizziness? The short answer is…

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Vestibular Disorders And Their Symptoms

Vestibular disorders are among the nearly infinite causes of dizziness. In fact, dizziness is the symptom of nearly everything. But vestibular disorders encompass a very specific source of dizziness: the inner ear.  What’s A Vestibular Disorder? Vestibular Disorders affect the inner ear where your body’s GPS is located. Because there are many moving pieces that…

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How We Fixed Mark Cuban’s Chronic Dizziness

You can guess the ending to this story. Mark Cuban found us. We diagnosed the cause of his dizziness. And we treated him. Completely fixing Mark Cuban of dizziness, aside from a little vestibular maintenance here and there. But it’s not about the end of this story. It’s Mark Cuban’s journey to finding the cause…

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