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The average Dizzy Patient sees 5-6 doctors before
getting the proper diagnosis and effective treatment.
We pride ourselves on being the last doctor Dizzy
Patients ever need to see.

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  • The equipment and technology was something I’ve never experienced before, and I thought I had seen it all – I had seen over 5 doctors prior without any real help or improvement. I’m finally back to normal.

    Beth W.
  • I am very pleased with the patient care and knowledge provided by this Institute. I have suffered from vertigo and dizziness for many years. It is truly a miracle and I feel as if I have my life back again.

    Rebecca L.
  • I’ve been a long standing sufferer of visual disturbances and chronic vertigo episodes. I’m so thankful for the lifestyle changes recommended and VRT I received. I’ve seen night & day improvements!

    Sydney R.

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Get treatment for non-emergency conditions with a virtual visit, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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    1. Consultation

    Our treatment starts with what matters most: you. You’ll start your first consultation by sharing your experience and symptoms with dizziness.

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    2. Diagnosis

    We’ll then run a series of in-depth tests to find data that reveals the dysfunction responsible for your dizziness.

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    3. Personalized Therapy

    With the information from your experience and our tests, we’ll design a personalized therapy plan to treat your dizziness. We have the equipment and expertise to treat your dizziness.

We Have Helped Thousands Of Patients
Overcome Vertigo & Dizziness.

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Watch Mark Cuban’s Story.

You deserve the time and resources to tell your story; we understand how scary vertigo and dizziness related symptoms can be. Let us provide you an optimal diagnosis and treatment plan to get you better.

Dr Pearce and Dr Nava literally made my life livable again. Dr Pearce and Dr Nava gave me my brain back. I can’t thank them enough.

Mark Cuban

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