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Why Am I Dizzy?

Suddenly, it’s as if someone just shook up your entire world like a snowglobe. You’ve lost your bearings. You reach for something sturdy. And the moment seems to spin into oblivion. Once life reverts to stability, you’re left wondering: why am I dizzy? Like any singular symptom, there are numerous possible causes. There’s more than…
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Tinnitus and Stress: How Stress and Silence Affect Tinnitus

Major changes in a patient’s lifestyle can trigger symptoms. 2020 was no stranger to this fact, forcing many to change their sleeping patterns, exercise routines, diet, and work and home life. With these changes came a wave of tinnitus and stress. And as a result, many patients are reporting increased Tinnitus (or uncontrollable ringing in…
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How We Fixed Mark Cuban’s Chronic Dizziness

You can guess the ending to this story. Mark Cuban found us. We diagnosed the cause of his dizziness. And we treated him. Completely fixing Mark Cuban of dizziness, aside from a little vestibular maintenance here and there. But it’s not about the end of this story. It’s Mark Cuban’s journey to finding the cause…
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Answering Meniere’s Disease Most Asked Questions

You may have led a much more active and less frightening life before sporadic dizzy spells began haunting you. Never knowing when the entire world, or at least your body’s perception of it, would be swept up by a malfunctioning merry-go-round that goes way too fast. Meniere’s disease is an invisible illness that affects about…
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Vestibular Migraine Basics & Treatment

As if it weren’t bad enough to have frequent migraines, on top of a head-splitting headache you now also feel dizzy and disoriented. You can’t wait out the dizziness because your migraine is making things worse. And you can’t find a way to work through your migraine because your spinning head leaves you locked in…
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Living with Vestibular Migraine – Tips for Travel, Work, Leisure, etc…

Like having a noisy neighbor, living with vestibular migraine is just as much about learning to cope with the “noise” as it is about actually confronting the noise. Ear plugs, soundproofing, a schedule – these are the tools of dealing with a noisy neighbor. Work routines, travel strategies, proper diet, and cognitive resilience – these are…
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10 Vestibular Migraine Questions Answered

If you’ve been getting migraines for years and are now starting to get frequent dizzy spells too, then you may have vestibular migraine. And if you’ve never heard of vestibular migraine, then you’re not alone. Although vestibular migraine (VM) is the second most common balance disorder, many people are unfamiliar with the term. Your doctor might also…
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Best Ways to Overcome Vestibular Migraine

Dr. Pearce Hello and welcome back to our podcast Deep in Dizziness. My name is Dr. Pearce alongside Dr. Nava. We specialize in leading vestibular diagnostic testing and therapeutic techniques. Today’s show is very exciting. We have Megan Howard on the show today, Megan actually leads digital strategy for migraine again, their focus is an…
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Telehealth for Vertigo: Treating Your Dizziness at Home

No matter where you are in the United States right now, we can treat your dizziness, without asking you to even leave your house. All thanks to telehealth. Telehealth is the practice of providing health services remotely. In other words, the doctor (us) is in one place and the patient (you) is in another. And…
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Telehealth for Vertigo: How We Treat Dizziness Virtually

Many dizzy patients struggle accessing quality help. Furthermore, they struggle accessing quality help that is close by. Of course, that was before telehealth. In a country where one in three adults will experience a vestibular disorder over their lifetime, in each state there are as few as one or two vestibular specialists who have the…
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What is Post-Concussion Syndrome? How is Post-Concussion Dizziness Treated?

In the last 10 years, the world’s understanding of concussions has increased tenfold. While contact sports are still a staple in creating concussions, more and more average people are being checked for concussions following a car accident, a slip-and-fall, or accidental hits to the head. Anyone who’s had a concussion knows that healing a concussion…
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Dizzy & Vertigo Institute Reviews & Patient Testimonials

So many of our patients have taken the time to say nice things about us that we wanted to bring them all into one place for others to hear. If any of these reviews pushes you to get treatment, then please give us a call at any time of day at (310) 954-2207. Or you…
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What is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo and How is BPPV Treated?

For people with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), the simple act of moving or tipping their head triggers an instant inconvenience to their life. The world spins and there might be a period of disequilibrium and imbalance following the episode.
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