Our Passion is Helping Dizzy Patients

We specialize in assessing, treating, and managing dizziness – related symptoms. We take a collaborative approach to diagnosis – working with primary care doctors, neurologists, and other physicians to ensure we find the root cause of your symptoms. Once we’ve diagnosed your dizziness, we deliver innovative, effective vestibular care customized to your needs.

  • Hope
  • Kindness
  • Collaboration


  • The Foundation – Hope is the foundation of our doctor-patient relationship. Where there is hope, there is a will to continue fighting and finding solutions.

  • Restoring Hope – Many of you have been to multiple doctors and seen no results, leaving your hope in shambles. Our first mission is to restore that sense of hope once again by showing there are routes to overcoming your symptoms.


  • A Complete Understanding – Each patient that walks through our doors is a unique case that is treated as such. We don’t make any assumptions and will listen to you with open ears.

  • Kind Demeanor – Vestibular dysfunction can be frustrating when few people around you understand what you’re going through. But we understand. And treating your situation with kindness is our top priority.


  • Your Symptoms Are Our Symptoms – When you come to our clinic, your symptoms become our symptoms and we’ll work with you until we find the right route to resolving your condition.

  • A Network of Help – In some cases, we’re not the specialist you need. But the relationship doesn’t end there. We will tap into our network of specialists to get you to the right help for your condition.

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