Other Causes of Dizziness

List of Medications That Cause Dizziness


We’re all too familiar with the long list of side effects that come with medications. And as you’re trying to figure out the source of your vertigo, you might start questioning: What medications cause dizziness? Obviously, the intention is not to develop a drug that leads to people getting dizzy. However, researchers have recognized some…

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Can Stress Cause Dizziness or Vertigo?


Our fast-paced lives and general lack of coping mechanisms bring on a lot of unwanted stress. As if stress alone weren’t exhausting enough, it can also bring on other symptoms. For example, dizziness. Those who notice that their stress and dizziness go together like peas and carrots might be left wondering: can stress cause dizziness?…

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Vertigo Triggers and How To Deal With Them


Some dizzy patients know exactly what causes their dizziness. They develop avoidance behaviors and learn to steer clear of their vertigo triggers. For others, it’s completely spontaneous with no rhyme or reason. More often than not, though, there is a pattern to vertigo triggers. And knowing what triggers your dizziness is a crucial component in…

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Cervical Vertigo & Cervicogenic Dizziness


When you have frequent dizziness and start thinking about where the root cause might be, rarely does the neck come to mind. But for people who’ve experienced whiplash, concussions, or head trauma, the neck might be exactly the cause of their dizziness. Can a pinched nerve in the neck cause dizziness? The short answer is…

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