9 Common Questions About Post-Concussion Dizziness


Concussions can happen to anyone and they are not only reserved for athletes and sports incidents. Concussions, medically referred to as mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) can happen from a car accident, fall, riding a bike or even on the playground. Unfortunately, concussions aren’t like a scrape on your arm, where you can noticeably see…

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What is Post-Concussion Syndrome? How is Post-Concussion Dizziness Treated?


In the last 10 years, the world’s understanding of concussions has increased tenfold. Also, we’re more aware of the lingering effects of concussions. Post-Concussion Syndrome is one of those lingering effects. While contact sports are still a staple in creating concussions, more and more average people are being checked for concussions following a car accident,…

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