Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s Disease Diet


At this point, nobody should be a stranger to the fact that Food Is Medicine. The fuel we use to recharge our bodies is vital to our overall health. And when it comes to a Meniere’s Disease Diet, what we choose NOT to put in our bodies is just as important as what we choose…

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Meniere’s Disease Basics: What is Meniere’s Disease?


Meniere’s Disease is one of the trickiest vestibular disorders because so little is confirmed about its cause, its signs, and its treatment. This makes it particularly difficult for people to cope with and find help for Meniere’s. But fear not, because methods exist for diagnosing and treating Meniere’s Disease. While there isn’t a cure, there…

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6 Strategies for Coping with Meniere’s Disease


Unfortunately, there is currently (and for the foreseeable future) no known cure for Meniere’s Disease. At best, Meniere’s patients can make lifestyle changes that limit the severity of symptoms. Some strategies are very tangible, while other strategies come down to mindset alone. Below is a compiled list of lifestyle changes that have shown significant effect…

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14 Meniere’s Disease Questions Answered


You may have led a much more active and less frightening life before sporadic dizzy spells began haunting you. Never knowing when the entire world, or at least your body’s perception of it, would be swept up by a malfunctioning merry-go-round that goes way too fast. Meniere’s disease is an invisible illness that affects about…

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