We Evaluate And Treat Vestibular Conditions Using

Advanced Technology & Specific Treatment Plans.

Approximately 69 million Americans age 40 and older have experienced some form of vestibular dysfunction… nearly 35%. Vestibular disorders can be difficult to diagnose and their social impacts can be profound. We want to help dizzy patients translate their complex symptoms with practical knowledge and tangible solutions. By utilizing cutting edge technology, we diagnose and treat patients with precision.

Vestibular Assessment

If likely to be BPPV, SCD or recent vestibulopathy; patients will also receive repositioning and basic rehab is required.

Vestibular Rehab

You are welcome to refer for rehabilitation without assessment if appropriate for your patient.

Neuro-Vestibular Assessment

If unlikely to be BPPV, SCD or recent vestibulopathy; patient presents with complex symptoms and history.

ECochG Testing

In conjunction with a neuro- vestibular assessment, this test can be preformed when Meniere’s disease is suspected.

Dizzy Patients?

We evaluate and treat vestibular conditions based on your patient’s needs.

Cutting Edge Treatment

Advanced Canal Repositioning
Maneuvers Include Epley And Semont
For Unique BPPV Cases; Patients With
Physical Limitations

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Customized Vestibular Rehabilitation
Therapy Programs With Multidisciplinary

Etology Lifestyle-Plans

Individualized Diet And Lifestyle Change
Recommendations Based On Etology.

Adaptive Treatment Plans

Innovative Pre-Surgery And Post Surgery Treatment

Our Passion & Expertise is to Help
Your Dizzy Patients.

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