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Frequently Asked Questions

+What is Dizziness?

Dizziness is a symptom, not a disease and it encompasses a lot of different sensations. Knowing the difference between terminology will help you to better articulate with your healthcare provider what you are feeling and help rule out medical conditions not associated with a vestibular disorder. Sensations of dizziness can be described as, but not limited to, a feeling of being lightheaded or perceived sensation of fainting. You might also describe other sensations to include Vertigo, a feeling of spinning or rotating (you or the objects around you, or even Disequilibrium, a feeling of unsteadiness or a feeling of spatial disorientation.

+What Causes Dizziness?

Experts agree, having a vestibular disorder (weakness in the balance part of the ear)  remains one of the leading causes of dizziness.  Vestibular disorders can include Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), Meniere’s syndrome, vestibular neuritis, and acoustic neuromas.

+Do I Need A Referral To See You?

Due to our strategic position within the community, our patients may wish to access care either by direct referral, primary healthcare or secondary healthcare referrals to us. Due to the variability of referral sources, we have an urgent referral scheme in place and our vestibular specialists are aware of red flags for differential diagnosis should you need one.

+What Is The Vestibular System?

Sensory inputs in the inner ear, eyes, upper neck, and body take input to the brain while keeping us aware of where we are in space and how we move through our world. It is a wonderfully complex system just like our sense of hearing, vision, and smell. It’s complex and amazing all at the same time.

+What are Vestibular Tests?

Vestibular testing includes a set of diagnostic tests performed measuring the function of various parts of the system. We break up patients into three categories to determine the most effective test battery to get you better.  Our test batteries include a combination of tests based on your symptoms to include: videonystagmography (VNG), positional testing, rotational chair, audiological testing, computerized dynamic posturography (CDP), auditory brainstem response testing (ABR), electrocochleography (ECHOG), vestibular myogenic potential (VEMP) and video head impulse testing (VHIT).

+What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Vestibular rehabilitation is based with you in mind. Our patients are given education on their results. We use four methods of rehabilitation: mindfulness rehabilitation, visual rehabilitation, vestibular ocular (VOR) rehabilitation and/or confidence rehabilitation. Additional management we consider alongside our vestibular rehabilitation is the need for diet and exercise, medication, surgery, hearing aids, vitamin therapy, musculoskeletal strengthen and counseling. We work within our scope and reach out to multi-disciplinary colleagues to include otolaryngology, neurology, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists/dietitians, hearing aid audiology, psychology, pediatricians and primary care physicians to name a few.

+What is A Five-Star Hypatia Specialist Trained Facility?

Hypatia training was founded by Amy Lennox who originally trained as an audiologist in Australia and the United Kingdom where she practiced with the National Health Service (NHS).

Her last six years have been spent working with a global manufacturer training, delivering education, and working in research and development. Having trained over 1,000 professionals including audiologists, neurologists, otolaryngologists, general practitioners, physiotherapists and clinical scientists she is incredibly passionate about training. From that passion and drive Hypatia Training was created; a five-star Hypatia Specialist trained facility is only presented to master-level delegates with advanced knowledge. We are the first facility to receive this acknowledgment in the United States.

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