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Get to Know: 18 Questions with Dr. Pearce & Dr. Nava

Want to know more about the Doctorpreneurs behind the Dizzy & Vertigo Institute? What they have in their fridge at all times? What makes them laugh no matter what? Well here’s 18 questions to help you know Dr. Brooke Pearce and Dr. Chelsea Nava a little bit better. (Abbreviated below as DBP and DCN)

The two of you come across as some of the most down-to-earth doctors I’ve ever met. What’s your secret?

DBP: We try our best to keep things light around the office because chronic dizziness can be a real downer for people. And we know they’ve made a great first step toward recovery by coming to us.
DCN: We like to feel out each situation and tailor it to our patients. If they need a laugh, then we’ll try to lighten the mood. If they need a shoulder to lean on, then we’re there. Plus Pearce and I get along well.

What attracted you to Audiology?

DCN: I was intrigued at the ears’ responsibility for balance and fascinated by the complexity of the vestibular system.
DBP: The combination of science and counseling was just the right balance for me.

What surprises you most about your work?

DCN: The number of people in the world who are dizzy and the lack of resources.
DBP: It’s truly surprising.

Does any awesome patient memory come to mind?

DBP: TONS!! But we can’t share them.

If you weren’t an Audiologist, what would you be doing?

DCN: Dermatologist
DBP: Veterinarian or Chef

Where would you like to see Dizzy & Vertigo Institute in a decade?

DCN: Continuing to make moves
DBP: Easily accessible to all dizzy patients outside of California

Outside of work, what keeps you busy?

DBP: The commute to work. We carpool, though, which is fun.
DCN: Currently trying to beat the aging process and stay in shape.

What keeps you motivated?

DBP: The patient stories

If you could raid one woman’s closet, who would it be?

DCN: Victoria Beckham when she’s wearing all black.
DBP: Chelsea’s… after she’s raided Victoria Beckham’s.

What makes you laugh no matter what?

DCN: Steve Harvey’s facial expressions on Family Feud
DBP: The girl that dances every single morning in front of Starbucks on the street corner during my morning commute

What show are you obsessed with right now?

DCN: Housewives always and forever, pretty much anything on Bravo
DBP: American Crime and I’m not going to lie…Bachelor in Paradise

One thing you need to keep in your fridge at all times?

DCN: Sauces. EVERY KIND, especially hot sauce, minus those that have vegetable and canola oil in them.
DBP: Pineapple juice and ranch

Any rituals or superstitions you believe in?

DCN: Always have a drink..or two before getting on a plane
DBP: I will always pick up a penny

What’s something you can’t do?

DCN: 1. Run a mile. 2. Keep up with emails
DBP: 1. Do a pull-up. 2. Keep my closet organized

Heels or flats?

DBP: Yep. Heels!

Favorite way to start your day?

DCN: Wake up, stretch, run up staircase 7 times, and have an espresso.
DBP: Yoga and a run

Favorite way to end your day?

DCN: Workout class, possible acid face peel, maybe a glass of wine depending on the workday, PJs, and some Netflix.
DBP: Take off make-up, heels off, and a good meal

If you could make a documentary, what would it be?

DBP: Traveling internationally with kids…
DCN: How the Dizzy & Vertigo Institute was born. It would be terrifying, entertaining, and exciting all at the same time.
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