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Dizziness 101 – Intro to the Vestibular System


Vertigo Day is the world’s first virtual conference dedicated to dizzy patients. In this segment, Dr. Pearce explores the basics of dizziness, types of dizziness, the causes of dizziness, treatment options, and more. Tune and learn all there is to know about our vestibular system and the complexities which create our balance.

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How We Treat Dizziness – What To Expect Working with the Dizzy & Vertigo Institute


Vestibular Audiology is a little-known discipline in healthcare. We know that. And it’s always been an uphill battle for Vestibular Treatment clinics like ours to educate people on how we’re different from ENTs, Neurologists, Physical Therapists, or General Physicians. While all of these doctors can treat a couple of sources of dizziness, only Vestibular Audiologists…

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3 Dangers of Leaving Your Dizziness Untreated


It’s easy to put off getting treatment for your dizziness. You think to yourself, “Maybe it’ll go away on its own.” You procrastinate. Days pass. Weeks pass. Months pass. And you don’t get any better. Finally, you decide to visit your primary care doctor. They say you’re otherwise healthy, you get some anti-dizzy pills and…

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Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy Guide


You’ll be hard-pressed to find any dizziness treatment program that doesn’t include Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT). VRT is a customized set of visual and physical therapies designed to alleviate the symptoms of vestibular disorders and other sources of imbalance. There’s nothing generic or pre-planned about VRT. It’s tailored entirely to the dizzy patient’s situation. However,…

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Labyrinthitis Treatment – From Diagnosis To A Better Life


Labyrinthitis Treatment is a straightforward process with effective results. However, the challenge is actually arriving at a Labyrinthitis diagnosis because Labyrinthitis symptoms mimic many other conditions. Therefore, before treating Labyrinthitis, it is imperative that we arrive at the correct diagnosis. Diagnosing Labyrinthitis Vestibular researchers are always working on improving our equipment. The clinical use of…

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Vertigo Cause – What Causes Vertigo?


If you lump all feelings of dizziness under the term “vertigo”, then there are too many varieties of vertigo cause to count. However, before asking yourself what causes vertigo, you must ask yourself, “Is this actually vertigo I’m experiencing?” Is This Vertigo? Somewhere along the line, the general public began referring to all things dizzy-related…

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Can Stress Cause Dizziness or Vertigo?


Our fast-paced lives and general lack of coping mechanisms bring on a lot of unwanted stress. As if stress alone weren’t exhausting enough, it can also bring on other symptoms. For example, dizziness. Those who notice that their stress and dizziness go together like peas and carrots might be left wondering: can stress cause dizziness?…

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6 Strategies for Coping with Meniere’s Disease


Unfortunately, there is currently (and for the foreseeable future) no known cure for Meniere’s Disease. At best, Meniere’s patients can make lifestyle changes that limit the severity of symptoms. Some strategies are very tangible, while other strategies come down to mindset alone. Below is a compiled list of lifestyle changes that have shown significant effect…

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Peripheral vs. Central Vertigo – Learn the Difference


Distinguishing if the dizzy patient has Peripheral vs. Central Vertigo is the first step in helping a dizzy patient. This distinction makes all the difference in how they are treated and ultimately indicates the severity of one’s situation. Peripheral vs. Central Vertigo The balance system is a complex system composed of many parts that send…

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