How We Treat Dizziness Virtually with Telehealth

One of the many challenges that dizzy patients face is getting access to quality help. And furthermore, getting access easily and nearby.

In a country where one in three adults will experience a vestibular disorder over their lifetime, in each state there are as few as one or two vestibular specialists who have the right equipment to diagnose and treat vestibular disorders.

Imagine if there were only a handful of dentists that could fill cavities in each state. We’d all be walking around with toothaches.

And that’s the reality for dizzy patients. Many of them are forced to live life with dizziness because the nearest vestibular specialist is 5 hours or 5 states away.

Well something spectacular has happened in the past month.

Vestibular Specialists are beginning to treat vestibular disorders via telehealth. Telehealth is the practice of providing health services remotely. In other words, the doctor (us) is in one place and the patient (you) is in another. And despite the distance, the diagnosis and treatment is still taking place.

How does it work?

Over the past few years, researchers in the vestibular field have worked extensively to develop diagnosis protocols that allow us to diagnose a vestibular disorder via telehealth.

Therefore, just like a regular first visit to the Dizzy & Vertigo Institute of Los Angeles, we start our telehealth program with a consultation. Only now it’s via video chat. As you can see below:

After completing your initial evaluations, our healthcare team will be able to decide if your condition and treatment plan is appropriate for our telehealth program.

Commonly, the following conditions are appropriate for our Telehealth program:

  • Post-Concussion Dizziness
  • Balance and dizziness patients with and without fall risk
  • Vestibular disorders

Following the initial evaluation, we’ll get you set up in our online patient portal. This will be your destination to go through the vestibular rehabilitation therapy virtual program we have created.

It’s an easy-to-use platform where you can access treatment videos and schedule follow-up appointments with our team. Here’s a brief view of the patient portal:

What do patients need?

Just yourself, an internet connection, and a phone, tablet, or computer with a webcam.

After we administer you to the Telehealth treatment program, we recommend the use of an Oculus Go VR headset for maximum effectiveness of the therapy. However, this is optional. And we can cross that bridge once we get there.

How you can get started now

No matter where you are in the United States right now, we can get you started on the right path to treating your dizziness from home.

Click this link to schedule your initial consultation with the Dizzy & Vertigo Institute Team.

Also, if you’re a Physical Therapy Clinic, Audiology Clinic, or ENT Physician interested in this software for your practice, shoot us an email. We will happily share with you how to get this telehealth program set up in your clinic.

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